Brahmakumaris sister’s celebrated Choti Diwali with Nirvana Foundation, located in Chhatarpur.

Nirvana Foundation especially work to help for Child’s and Females who easily not accepted by society. In this moment BK Rama teaches how to Kindness and Compassion work in life and also share some moral values stories and BK Kalpna guided the Meditation through commentary.

Much Thanks! Founder Sanjay Singh to given precious time to shares the work experience and reasons to establish this Foundation.

UN World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims held in Chhatarpur on 18 November 2018

A memorial event was organised at Brahma Kumaris, Chhatarpur on the occasion of the World Remembrance Day. The platform enabled dignitaries to share their thoughts regarding road safety travel and inspire responsible road etiquettes amongst present. The personalities also shared personal stories to sensitize and transform citizens. The guests and the audiences offered their tributes to the victims and survivors of road crashes worldwide by observing silence and by participating in collective in meditation.


Present amongst the dignitaries were Chhatarpur ADJ P.K. Nigam, ADJ Norin Nigam, Senior Surgeon Dr. K.K. Chaturvedi, Peloton Commando Vineet Tiwari, Victims Retire Prof. D.K. Sharma,Victims Nandni Agrawal, Victims Rashmi Jain BK. Rama and Centre Incharge BK.Shailja. The event was co-ordinated by BK Kalpna and BK. Madhuri conducted the guided meditation through commentary.

On this auspicious day of Diwali BK Shailja shares the words of blessings at Pawan Dham.

Diwali is one of the most beautiful eastern festivals symbolizing the victory of light over darkness, good over evil. It celebrates the return to a time of happiness and harmony, a time of coming together and experiencing lightness and joy, love and unity. On this auspicious day of Diwali BK Shailja shares the words of blessings at Pawan Dham.